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Do the robot

by 7 Dollar Taxi
I know, you know
we know, they know
this world is a cruel place
but you make it even crueller
I know (I know), you know (you know)
we know (we know), they know (they know)
you do not belong to the most popular
you do the robot

hang on, mate
just wait a sec
you look so fuckin´ weak
with no support in your back
you´re only strong
when you´ve got your gang with you
beating up some innocent
say, how cool are you

you do the robot

and what if they
jumped from a bridge
just tell me
what would you do then
would you jump

dance for me, scream for me, kill for me
I´ve put some coins in your slut

hang on, mate
just wait a sec
you look so fucking nuts
even with your support
if you had some brain material
could you have your own opinion
it´d be good to have one
you could walk with your own legs
we are fighters, too!
with another sort of sword
so, what do we do, what do we do?
we´ll just write down a song about you

you do the robot
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