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Lone justice

by Anthrax
There´s two kinds, of people in the world
The outlaws, and the lawmen that prevail
The bounty hunter´s job is on the wrong side of the law
Intentions, of the truth and nothing more

Burn´em, clear the streets as he rides into the town
Cause the nameless one´s gonna have some fun
He´s gonna bring an outlaw down
Wasted, it´s over quick he´s nailed ´em three for three
Then he with his squint-eyed grin and stubbled chin
He rides through history
The jury, in his mind the choices weigh
The trials, if you´re gulity you´re his prey
No judgement otherwise can change the lust
That´s in his eyes
The sentence, will be carried out in stride

No name, like a shadow on a moonless night
Real game, He´ll be there to uphold
Justice, law and order
And you´ll pay, the highest fee
When the gunslinger takes his piece

The money, it´s the price you have to pay
When he calls, drop your eyes and look away
The man has taken life to balance scales of wrong and right
Existence, each day a moral fight.
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