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Potters field

by Anthrax
I was told to love you
I was told to try
I was born to save you
I was born to die
I´ll always be your scapegoat
You´ll never take the blame
You never had a chance
It was your soul to save
I am your one night nightmare
Pain is all you see
The blood is on your hands
I hope you´re proud of me

I was told to love you
I learned how to hate
I was born to save you
Your choice became your fate
You can´t take care of yourself
How could you care for me?
I am your retribution
When is my soul free?
I never asked for mercy
You told me to forgive
The blood is on your hands
I hope your proud of me
And what I´ve done to set you free
I can barely hold myself

Fascination, stimulation, stronger as I learn
By his hand, I understand
I was told to burn

Bastard son, your saving grace
Left alone I found my place
I find love in what I steal
You should of left me rest in Potters Field
I was told to.I was told to...

Your beliefs turned me into this
Bite the hand that feeds, you´re so selfish
Thank you mother for giving me this life
I´ll bring down the rapture
Then we´ll see who lies
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