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Think about en end

by Anthrax
Wake up on fire every day
And I never say goodbye
Pre-determined destiny
I´ve never been afraid to die

Ever since i was a kid
I´ve seen things my own way, with my own eyes
With my hands i turn the screws
In my life i decide

Youre bent on under the will of endless dogmatic restraints
I will rage against the machine* spewing out blind faith#

Think about an end u can live with
Think about an end i can give u
Think about an end that would satisfy

The only thing that´s touched my soul
Ever in my life of love
Tangible and Physical visable
Unlike your god above

Where is all the mercy on which your faith has been built
All i see is hatred caused by years of inbred guilt

Resurrecting genuflecting killing in the name*
You disavow the right to choose
Its medievally insane

Your god is dead or doesn´t care
Tell me which ones worse
An uncaring god or knowing that your alone on this earth?
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