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Bastardised ink

by Archive
All hailstorms in to die for my sins 
Why am I accursed and not believing
Death to damnation both forced arrest
Enforced interrogation duress fire question
Pressure point temple brainwashed disciple
Shooting at me with a holy water pistol
I am not a heathen I´ll give you the reason
Ten commandments and ten counts of treason
They can pass judgements while I plead
Ignorance self defense dollars pounds and pence
Because we live inside the age feelings hard to gauge
I just open up the book and keep turning the page

While the all powerful throwback to miracle
Whips up the storms and pestilent swarms
Sacrifice to appease the deity
Whilst heavens open up to seize the enemy
Wiped out civilisations
Desolate barren landscapes genocides
But mad scientists wildly experiment
Drawing the conclusion down into the sediment
To the dark hour seed is sown
Now on there will be light via fire and brimstone
Walls fall down but emerge from the grown as if to start over
Rebuild the structure
True to life adventure
Even while your breathing lung puncture
Nothing out there to protect you
So they look into the skies the cries can be heard
The word is obscene unwashed and unclean
Wreaking havoc for the hell of it
Whilst digging deep and developing a taste for it
Bloodthirsty craves screams for mercy
Highly unlikely
Feel the almighty crash
Alas hope all evaporates incinerate burns out and obliterates
Keep the faith in more ways than one
Or believe me and mark my words thy will be done

Praying not for the cynical quick stepping left right,
Pick up as they march upon the pinnacle
Clocking up the watch stop digital
Trying to make peace while they´d rather make base and erase the place they found
Lies written all over the face wonder why
Feeling immortality fearing they´re afraid to die
Sly snakes sidewind and enter your mind
Finding temptation insecurity and frustration
Hating anger lusts after a fear as half the man dies whilst shedding the tear
A clear sign that it´s way past the time
To rebuild the bleeding heart that lies broken
Well I must be mistaken but I more than feel that a chance is not taking consideration for the non believer plagued by diseased why?
Nothing but an open mind is what I try and maintain
Hand on heart keep alive in dying art
Pick it up dust it down make a start and bring it round

Pray to God blaspheme one can only dream
Crucify and ask why either do or die
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