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by Bad 4 Good
You want it rough, you got it rough
you want it tough, you got it tough
you want it mean, well I´m mean
I´m bad - ninteen..

You wanna dance, well no chance
you wanna go go, go slow
you like it lean, mean machine
I´m bad - Nineteen..

Well you wanna go on and try, sometimes it slips away
you gotta move on and try
well I know that you know that I know, and I know

You wanna dance
Well no chance
You wanna go go go go go go go slow
You wanna screeeeeeeeeam
Well I´m a screamin´ machine
I´m Bad - Nineteen

Hey, You want the power, oh,the power
Power, oh, the power of your
soul alive

watch it, watch it,watch it,watch it
watch you power,drop watch ya power drive
I´m gone, I´m gone, I´m gone, I´m gone away- yeah

Kick it, kick it, kick it, kick it, kick it
One more time for the world

I´m bad, I´m bad
ow-power bled,power bled,power bled
Power bled my soul alive
and I´m nineteen
you bad yo, you bad yo
you ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba go
!@#$%^&*&%^$#*)%!@#$%(&(%&*!@#-I´m bad

I´m bad and I ain´t even dead!
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