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My style (feat justin timberlake)

by Black Eyed Peas
Lord, have mercy [7x]

I know that you like my style [2x]
We came here to turn you out
Everybody in the place get wild
I know that you like my style [2x]
We ´bout to drop it on your ass right now
Everybody in the place get wild
(So what you sayin?)
What´s up, what´s up with you girl [2x]
What´s up, what´s up with you boy [2x]

Don´t jock, don´t jock, baby don´t jock me
I drop the hotness, baby watch me
You can´t, you can´t, no you can´t stop me
´Coz I´m a champ on the rep like rocky
And when I spit it trying out at Z rocks me
Got my style trademark with the copy
Right, you know my style is naughty
Right, so don´t cock-block me
You like my style when I´m whiling out with my gang
And I gain my fame from doing my damn thing
On a mike and I turn the stage like cocaine
And I bang them thangs like a lover man


Our style lined up when we team up
JT and BEP sold the scene up
Cali to Tennessee and in between ´em
We the hottest in the biz, turn the beat up
We be rolling four Hummers and a Pima
With sunset off the chi cantina
Stepped out looking fresh and clean-ah
Paparazzi put me in any magazine-ah
I got eight million ways to rockin´ like this
And ain´t nobody drop their styles like this
I´ma give it to you like that and like this
And my momma always told me "My baby´s a genius"


[Taboo in Spanish:]

Te gusta mi estilo(estilo)
Dile a tu tia y tu tio(tio)
Ahi viene Jimmy with the lingo(lingo)
I like to keep my style on singo (singo)
Baby you can call me mijo (mijo)
I make you say "Hay Dios mio"
Tu chocha es todo mio (Ay)
I make it hot for you if it´s frio

It feels like something´s heating up
Timberland on the drum-drum he´s beatin´ up
Black Eyed Peas, there´s no defeating us
JT, he´s rocking a beat with us
Them freaks, they want to freak with us
After the spot they tryin´a meet with us
They know our style is fabulous
Off the hook our style ridiculous


What´s up, what´s up with you girl [2x]
What´s up, what´s up with you boy [2x]

I know that you like my style [2x]
I´ve been gone for a while
But I´m back with a brand new style

Black Eyed Peas (Black Eyed Peas)
JT (that´s me)
And we out baby (out baby)

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