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Lord of the rings

by Blind Guardian
There are signs on the ring which make me feel so down
there´s one to enslave all rings to find them all in time
and drive them into darkness
forever they´ll be bound

Three for the Kings of the elves high in light
nine to the mortal which cry

[solo: Markus]

[Ref (x2):]
Slow down and I sail on the river
Slow down and I walk to the hill

and there´s no way out
dark land under Sauron´s spell
threatened a long time
threatened a long time
Seven rings to the gnomes in their halls made of stone
into the valley
I feel down
One ring for the dark lord´s hand sitting on his throne
in the land so dark where I´ve to go

[solo: Markus]


Lord of the rings
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