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by Chris Brown

You know.. Sometimes you don´t realize what you´ve done, until you´ve seen the damage... And I
looked at the damage...

Whoa.. yea.. yea.. Whoa.. yea.. Look at the damage..

[Verse 1:]

3am when my phone ring, beggin´ me to come by, I was right around the corner.. I know I
coulda´ said no but I ain´t stop, told me come in "the doors unlocked for ya".. My intuition I
should, have listened to it, my girl, yo she´d be pissed if she knew, about this visit...
She had a tank top on, I took her tank top off, but should´ve stopped, STOP!.. [sigh]
But she ain´t lettin´ me, kissed me soft and gently.. she tempt me.
Right then I stopped thinkin´ consequences... Guess I must have lost my mind for a minute.


There´s no better love... Girl I love you.. With her that was lust.. Should´ve have left and I
know I messed up... One phone calls done. this whole thing now... look at the damage.. damage..
look at the damage..

Damage.. damage that I caused you. And now I broke your heart, cuz´ I did you wrong. Look at
the damage, look at the damage that I caused...

[Verse 2:]

The dumbest decision that I made that I ain´t proud of, a few hours that made absolutely
nothing cost me your love.. I gotta live with regret, deserve to get what you give, that you
wont listen to nothing that I´m saying. Rode passed your house for hours, just to feel close to
ya.. no cards, no gifts, no flowers, could get me back with chu´... Your kiss, your touch, girl
you know I miss it. But you got my heart inside a prisonless??


[Verse 3:]

I was trippin´, I was dippin´, with these women, in these streets. Lost my girl, lost out
there. Wish I could take it back.

I was trippin´, I was dippin´, with these women, in these streets. Wish I could, take that

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