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What do i do with my heart

by Eagles
You don´t have to say a word
I can see it in your eyes
I know what you wanna say
It´s so hard to say goodbye

I can hold back my tears
And try to be strong
While our love is fallin´ apart
I know what I´ll say
If you walk away
But what do I do
What do I do with my heart?

I´m not gonna say a word
I know I can´t change your mind
You know where you need to go
I know I´ll be left behind

I won´t hold you back
I won´t stand in your way
If you need to make a new start
But I still wanna know
When my arms let you go
What do I do
What do I do with my heart?

Oh, girl, don´t you remember?
It was not so long ago
We were makin´ plans for two
Just me and you
Now you tell me that you´ve found somebody
Someone who loves you better
No one could ever love you
The way I do

Tell me you´re not leavin´ now
Tell me you´re not leavin´
Tell me that you´re gonna stay
Please say you´ll stay with me, baby
Tell me that you love me still
Say you love me still
For this and this alone I pray
Fall down on my knees and pray

I´ll do anything
Yes, I would
To save what we have
To keep you by my side
I´ll love you ´til death do us part
But what do I do
What do I do
When I´m still missing you?
What do I do
What do I do with my heart?
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