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Wolf killer

by Elton John
In the winter of my 21st year
I went out alone on horseback to kill a pack of wolves

Before today this bloody field was my own hunting ground
I stalked my prey, I tracked it down, I move without a sound
Then like a plague this wolfpack came and tipped the scales of change
How strange to be the hunter and then become the game

When I set out to kill found meal and henceforth blood did flow
My horse came out from under me, my dogs died in the snow
But fear was never present, I was sad but not afraid
The man I was before this fight is ever changed today

My blood, it rose like thunder
In this noble breath
Purified by battle
And the smell of death
Their wild abandon howling fills my lungs
And from the dead this new awakening comes

And from the dead I feel the strength I´ve never known
A thrill that fills my heart yet chills me to the bone
And from the dead the power of the wolf is torn
It seems as if from death a whole new world is born

[repeat chorus]

See me, wolf killer
See me, wolf killer
Wolf kller
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