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by Jason Aldean
Now girl I know you used to the same old same
But we ain´t floatin´ that boat, no we ain´t ridin´ that train
Hop on my rocket ship and let´s get outta here
Let me put a little shimmer in your atmosphere

Now let´s get outta this town, outta this club
Girl whatever you´re sippin´ I´m a mix it up
Take a few tick-tocks off of your clock
Put a little Thord Rock in your hip-hop
I got that

Chorus :
1994, Joe Diffie* comin´ out my radio
I´m just a country boy with a farmer´s tan
So help me girl I´ll be your Pickup Man**
How bout a night to remember and a 5th of Goose
Bout to bust out my honky-tonk attitude
A little feel good you ain´t never felt before
I´m talkin´ 1994

Joe Joe Joe Diffie
Joe Joe Joe Diffie
Joe Joe Joe Diffie

Girl, don´t you worry, now your ship just came in
So go on tell your mama, tell all your friends
That your new favorite coulour is John Deere*** green
Hop in this truck aka Time Machine


Baby if you´re lookin´ for a good time
Let me take you to the C-O-U-N-T-R-Y
Now baby, let´s go, holler if you´re with me
Hey Joe, come on and teach us how to Diffie


Will the real Joe Diffie please stand up?

* Joe DIffie est un chanteur de country.

** Pickup Man est une chanson de l´album Third Rock From The Sun de Joe Diffie sorti en 1994

*** John Deere est une entreprise américaine spécialisée dans le matériel agricole. Ces machines sont facilement reconnaissables à leur couleur verte soulignée de jaune.
John Deere Green est également une chanson de Joe Diffie.
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