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Learnin' the blues

by Michael Bublé
The tables are empty
The dance floor´s deserted
You play the same love song
It´s the tenth time you´ve heard it
And that´s the beginning
Just one of those clues
You´ve had your first lesson
In learning the blues

The cigarettes you light
One after another
Won´t help you forget her
Or the way that you love her
You´re only burning
A torch you can´t move
But you´re on the right track
For learning the blues

When you´re at home alone
The blues will haunt you constantly
When you´re out in a crowd
The blues will haunt your memory
The nights when you don´t sleep
The whole night you´re crying
But you can´t forget her
Soon you´ll stop trying
You´ll walk the floor
And wear out your shoes
When you´re feeling your heart break
You´re learning the blues
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