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In your head

by Mohombi
Couplet 1:

She´s waiting for her man
To go to work
Then calls me on the phone
Saying he´s such a jerk
I feel like a thief in the day and a thief in the night
But it´s just a fight
Why Why Why don´t he treat you right
He should be the one to apologize
we´re going upstairs get away from the past
then the phone rings I hear your husband ask
Is someone in the back, who´s that who´s that who´s that, who´s that


In your head, In your head
(Mohombi X3)

Who´s in your head, In your head
(Mohombi X3)

Couplet 2:

He ain´t falling for your lies
He got a private eye
But I pass him in the sky
He´s tryna look through your blinds
What your report to the man

Is he really should have listened while he had that chance
You told him what you like and what you hate
and now I stole your heart and it´s way too late
You really, really didn´t have the business
Now I´m all up, all up, all up in your business
Now you know this is
fulfilling all your wishes


Just say my name right (bis)
I feel your pain right(bis)

Told the girl to be quiet quiet
If they hear voice they´ll be a riot riot
Your man´s outside with them dudes waiting for me
But I´m gonna stay appeased
If they wait all day
All day gonna hears what I play
Boom Boom Boom from the bedroom
Grab your girl and zoom zoom zoom


( by Missmangas974)
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