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by Nazareth
Here she come, right on time
Tenement mixer, givin´ the hard line
Hammerin´ down walls of steel
Permanent fixer, it´s a bad sign
She´s runnin´ right over you
Ain´t no way to control her...steamroller

Can´t figure you out, she´s big trouble
Soul-contractor, makin´ your pain pay double
Don´t wanna know, ´bout no last chance
Outa time, now you´re last year´s model
She´s crawlin´ all over you
Still you try to console her......steamroller

She´s rollin´ all over you
Try survivin´ below her
She´s rollin´ all over you
Like a head-kickin´, ass-whippin´
Steamin´-demon fast bowler......steamroller

Here she come, there you go
Boa-constrictor, takin´ it real slow
Price of fame, down to zero
She´s a run-away train, puttin´ on a real show
She´s comin´ back over you
Like a Bay City roller......steamroller

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