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by Sacred Rite
She´s got a lot on her mind, she´s not wastin´ time, she knows what she´s gotta have
Well, I can feel the fire in her desire, she knows I´m her kind of man
So look out, baby, ´cause here we go, there ain´t no turnin´ back
I got a one-way ticket to paradise, oh, you know it ain´t that bad

Teaser! I just can´t please her
Teaser! Watch her tease and get on your knees
Teaser! I just can´t please her

I´m talkin´ my way down to the ´prize´, she´s diggin´ it all the way
I´m gettin´ real close, "Baby, you´re the most" is what she had to say
"Well maybe next time you´ll get some more than what you got tonight"
I said, "Come on, darlin´, you mean that´s it? Baby, no, that just ain´t right!"

I´m makin´ my move, lookin´ for the groove, and I´m waitin´ for the call
On the side, she glanced at my pride and said, "Baby that´s just too small"
I said, "Look here, bitch, I´m here to rock, don´t wanna take no shit"
She said, "If that´s the way you want it, then that´s all you´re gonna get"
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