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A boston peace

by Say Anything
Can you tell me
Were you a bird in another life
Cause you flew away so quickly and with so much ease
Flapping your wings as you spread your beak to sing
Another hopeless lonely anthem
You know I´m feeling down again
I couldn´t make my move
I froze in place
But so what else is new
I wish I could shed all your feathers from my head
Because all they do is keep me stifled when I only want to tell you right now
I want to tear your clothes off with my teeth like some unruly uncaged beast
From your forehead to your feet
I need to feel the Boston peace
I felt that night with you
Drug like release
The sheets engulfing you
Know that I need you I want you I´m dying for you
Here in my heart where my veins are combusting for you
All that I´ve learned I´m learning I´m falling for you now
For you now
And I´m sinking slowly into nothing
Nothing matters
Give me some limb I can hold onto
Only you can save me
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