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One more night

par Ana Johnson
Baby it´s strange how things go down
How every circle comes around
Nobody wins, everyone pays

You and I standing here again
Thinkin´ about what might have been
Ready to go our separate ways

One more night
We could have been in love
Just one more night
We should have been in love
I guess we asked more than we ever gave
But I would give the world
Baby, if I could save
What we have for one more night

Funny, I just can´t get it clear
Where are we gonna go from here?
You without me, me without you

Somehow I pray the days won´t end
´Cause when the darkness comes again
I don´t believe I´ll make it through


If we could make it right
If I could turn back time for you and me
Baby, it wouldn´t have to be

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