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Walking on the water

par Atomic Kitten
When you hear me calling
You always come around
And if I´m lost and falling
I know I will be found
Whatever I am thinking
you always seem to know
Nobody else can do this
It makes me love you so

I´m walking on the water and my head´s on fire
I´m flying like a bird but I can´t get high
Nothing I can do, nothing I can say
Will ever be the same in any other way
Talking like a stranger like I´m someone else
I need to turn around and recognise myself
Baby you´re the one, I can´t let go, you take me to the
places that I need to know

And when I´m cold & crying
Breaking up inside
You´re the voice of reason
That helps restore my pride
And every moment with you just
Gets better than the last
Promise not to leave me
Never let this feeling pass

{repeat Chorus}

Together we´re stronger baby
Standing tall through the years
You´re me emotional rescue baby
And you need to know, I love you so, for always

{repeat Chorus, x3}
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