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Drastic actions

par Bad Religion
Heard a word, suicide,
Not from one, but from thousands that tried.
The lawyer´s wife and the teenage brat,
One thing in common, they all wanted out.
And it´s plain to see.
It goes for you and it goes for me,
And all the screwed up little girls and boys
All thrown in without a choice.
But I heard him say,
"I want out,
No complaints and no doubts,
Just a chance to go on."
I heard a word, suicide,
And not from one, but from thousands that died.
Want some attention and a little less regret,
A teenage fluff, little threat.
And there are those, there are those who think
That drastic actions will make them unique.
It´s really all the same,
That no one´s happy and nobody´s to blame.
And the moral to this story is old.
It´s quite taboo, seldom told.
The seed is reaped before it´s sown,
A bad choice was never resolved.
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