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Love someone

par Beatbox Dub Fx

It´s possible to love someone
And not treat them in the way that you want
It´s possible to see your eyes
Be the devil in disguise with another front
And, it´s possible to change this world
Revolutionise the boys and girls
It´s possible to educate
The next generation that will rule the world someday

The changing times of the 21st century
Means nothing to me cos I would rather be
At the beginning of time, earth would be mine
Living in luxury
Discovering a world out there
Believing in the sun earth water and air
Take me there so I could see the world bloom
Standing on a sea cliff howling at the moon
Creating a world for the open minded
A unique perception of truth inside it
I know we could find it
It´s just a matter of where and when we collectively decide it
The world is not a vicious place
It´s just the way we´ve been raised
Discovering time and space
I know that we could make a change
Rearrange the way that we appreciate the world today

It´s possible to love someone..

Now as i start to put my mind into words
I stall I fall I´m loosing it all, my inhibitions
The thought of wasting a way
The fact that the music´s at a place not far away
Yet I stray and stick to my world
In love with my life my beliefs and a girl
Is it luck that I love this crazy place, the human race?
Don´t get me wrong I still think we could change
But this life and the fact that time exists
And were here and we don´t come equipped with it all
Half the fun is learning and I´m having a ball
While the world keeps turning my role is small
But I´ll make a change
I hope you´re feeling the same way
I hope you´re seeing what I say

It´s possible to love someone..

In this concrete jungle we live
Our survival is love that we give
Now my instinct is guiding my way
It´s true what they say
The world is your chance to create
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