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Steamy nights

par Billy Crawford
(Kovas) Que Paso O Que paso O Que paso

couplet 1:
It was dream like, well it seemed like: It was so surreal on the real.
Dancing to my groove.
Sweat drips, bodies moving.
I wanna take you on a ride now.
(So) won´t you sit back and close your eyes now. And imagine.

Steamy nights in Puerto Rico, Hotel room at the Four Sea-O
San juan on down to Montego, this jam´s here is for all of my people.
Then off to old San Paolo, carnival in Trinidad-o.
Come on we can share a bottle.
If you feeling me holl-O Holl-O holl-O

couplet 2:
Shirts off, Shirts tight: Beach house by the moonlight,
Making out till the tide comes in. Skinny dip, want to take a swim.
Bodies crash like the waves.
Save your problems for the rainy days.
If you not going to party then get out the way, cause the party´s on when you hear the people say.


Break Down
(Kovas) Hola Hola Hola Hola.....
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