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Humpin' around

par Bobby Brown
When you trust someone
and you know you´re on their back
You ain´t got no trusting about you
And you claim that you
Don´t care what where I´m at
You´ve given me reason to doubt you
Say you trust someone
Why are you calling all around
Think I´ve got some dip on the side
Girl you don´t trust no one
And you´re constantly in doubt
You lose the game, if you play that way

Get up off my back
Save a heart attack
Ain´t nobody Humpin´ Around (Ain´t nobody humpin around)
No matter what they say
No it ain´t that way
Ain´t nobody humpin around

Nobody x5
Humpin´ around babe

When you love someone
And you want to love them right
Got to get more lovin´ about you
And you know that you´re holding on too tight
Soon they will be leaving without you
Say that you love someone
Why are you calling all my friends
Thinking I´ve got something to hide
Girl you don´t love no one
You don´t know what love´s about
You lose the game, (if you) if you play that way


Nobody x7
Humpin´ around babe

Girl when you trust someone
You don´t call on everybody
Ain´t nobody foolin´ around
And the more I think about it
You lose all your clout
You lose the game, baby, if you play that way


My name is Brown
That´s what I´m called
So don´t try to step to be wrong
Or you´ll fall slow
´Cos I just wanna get something to you
Maybe take control of you just like
I told you (I wanna roll)
On a tip that´s movin
Im gonna make ya movin, grovin
Leavin ya like Ooo
When i touch ya
Give ya so much
The feeling of the effect that im dealin
When i rub ya up & down


Girl you said you love me
And you said you trust me
Why do you think I´m foolin´ around
I can´t stand the pressure
You know I´m yours forever
Ain´t nobody, nobody, nobody humpin´ around

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