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Hide your heart

par Bonnie Tyler
Johnny saw her ridin´ on a streetcar named “desire”
His fate was sealed
She could see him comin´ like a hundred other liars
It was no big deal
Rosa had a lover on the shady side of town
Tito, he was king op the streets
She was his possession like a jewel on his crown
Johnny better run, better run....

Better hide your heart
Better hold on tight
Better say your prayers
Cause there´s trouble tonight
When pride and love battle with desire
Better hide your heart
Cause you´re playin´ with fire
Ah, ah, ah, ah/ hey, hey, hey/do, do, do, do...

The ride was over but the story doesn´t end
He took her heart
She looked him in the eye
And said they couldn´t meet again
You could see the trouble start
The word went out that Rosa´s messin´ with someone
It was on the street
Tito looked for Johnny with a vengeance and a gun
Johnny better run, better run...

Johnny´s holdin´ Rosa on a rooftop in the night
As time stood still
They couldn´t hear him comin´
Till he had them both in sight
You could feel the chill
A shot rang out like thunder
And the blood was on her hands
With nothing won
When someone lies there dyin´
Lovers finally understand....
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