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She'll never be me

par Britney Spears
You know I´m one of a kind;
Boy what´s this I see,
This girl she looks just like me,
Blond hair and dressed to a T,
You tell me how can this be,
If she knew I was the one,
Who used to turn you on,
But you don´t want to talk about it
When you think you can find
Someone to fill my shoes
And you ask yourself why
That she can´t do the thing I do
And you can´t deny
That everywhere you go
You see my face and my name
And it eats you up inside

You know I´m one of a kind
There´ll never be another me
Can´t get me out of your mind
You´re lost in your own fantasy
And when you look in my eyes
Is it hard for you to realize
She´ll never be me

Why can´t you see girl
That your divinity
Whenever he´s watching me... (fades out)
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