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Hey ma

par Cam'ron
Hey Ma, What´ up, Let´s slide, all right, all right
And we gon´ get it on tonight
You smoke, I smoke, I drink, me too, well good
Cuz we gon´ get high tonight
Got drops, got coupes, got trucks, got jeeps, all right
Cuz we gon take a ride tonight
So ma, what´s up, let´s slide, all right, all right
And we gon get it on tonight

Yo, now I was downtown clubbin, ladies night
Seen shorty she was crazy right
And I approached baby like
Ma what´s your age and type?
She looked at me and said you´s a baby right
I told her, I´m 18 and live a crazy life
Plus I´ll tell you what the 80´s like
And i know what the ladies like
Need a man that´s polite,listens,and takes advice
I could be all three, plus I could lay the pipe
Come wit me, come stay the night
She looked at me laughin´, like boy your game is tight
I´m laughin´ back like sho´ ya right
Get in the car
And don´t touch nothing, sit in the car
Let´s discuss something
Either we lovin or I´ll see you tomorrow
Now we speeding up the Westside
Hand creepin´ up her left side, I´m ready to do it
Ready to bone, ready for dome
55th exit, damn, damn, already we home
Now let´s get it on

{au Refrain}

Now that I got a girl, my ex wanna holla and spit
Told me to acknowledge her quick
She like Cam stop frontin´
On that Dave Hollister Tip
Come over lets swallow and sip
I´m like momma that´s it
I promise you dick, usually have a problem with chicks
They all say I´m rotten and rich
But not her, Boo be´s real
High heel dooby feel, plus got them Gucci nails on
You a cutie still, and this my down girl too
Ain´t no groupie deal
We left the movies with Uzies,Suzuki wheels
to the Jacuzzi, I tell you my Boo be´s real
I mean she do be winning,lose,spendin
Go to the crib she got the Gucci linen´
I see Boo be grinning
She looked and said Cam, I know that you be sinning
Naw, I´m a changed man, look at the range man
I got a whole new game plan
Looked and said that´s nothing but game Cam
She was right, she was up in the Range man
Droped her off at the L, now I´m flippin´ the cell
That´s right I had to call up L
[Cam And Juelz Together]
Yo L, what up, I hit, what else, plus dome, say word
And we got it on tonight

{au Refrain}
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