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par Cheryl Cole
My heavens wit chu (x2)
My heavens with you girl
My heavens wit chu

I gotta die, for me to get to heaven
I get a glimpse of heaven for every time I feel your lovin
And you know I aint lying, When I say I love you
I hope you know x3
My heavens with you x4

Looking at your photograph, thinking how you make me laugh
You put a sparkle in my eyes, and give me crazy butterflies
My body lingers with your smile, thinking that I just mightve fell
I miss you baby, can you see me, cause it feels like hell
And when youre not around, I need an, I need an, I need you
And when Im feeling down, I want you, I want an, I want you


I read your texts that made me smile, but I aint havent for awhile
I know youre sleeping this time zone, but im still staring at my phone
And your always there for me, I even see you in my dreams
My sacrifice, my paradise, my happy ending to the least
Every day and every night, Im wanting, Im wanting, I want you
And until the end of time, Ill love you, Ill love you


Yeah girl thats true when Im feeling all blue, I just think about you
Got me feeling yellow, the opposite of mellow, girl when you say hello I feel brand new
Baby dont worry about it girl, heres the keys to my world,
Its all my love; got me so excited, make me hot love
Baby dont divide it, give me alla alla ya,
I want all of your love, heres all of my love,
I want all of your love, heres all my love,
I want all ya love, take all of my love.
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