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Comin' back soon

par Crash Test Dummies
I´ve all my wisdom teeth
Two up top, two beneath
And yet I´ll recognise
My mouth says things that aren´t so wise
But when I sing my darling´s praise
I know I´m right, or close anyways
For she´s a gem upon this earth
I know to me she will return

Oh I know it´s true, I know it´s true
That I was made for her, and she me too
And I´m confident that she´ll think so too
And she´ll be coming back...soon

Mornings we have toast and tea
I gaze across the table, she glares right back at me
And when we´re getting low on jam
I give her the last spoonful, that´s just the way I am
And I drive her to work each day
Even though it´s early and work is far away
And I don´t even say a thing
When she plays the radio so loud you cannot think

I can´t stand her goddamned friends
But I will tolerate them, even though I hate them
And I will put up with her parents
´cause she says I´ll not meet someone who is so kind and sweet
Ever again..
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