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Pathological frolic

par Cryptopsy
Who is this Geoffrey?
All I see is this cold cadaver
Why is this Geoffrey
lying in puddles of pus on a gurney?
Tell me of this Geoffrey,
this boy with a noose around his neck;
More about Geoffrey:
why is he wearing his mother´s bra?

How old was Geoffrey?
At a guess, I´d say
about twelve or thirteen;
He died accidentally
from auto-erotic asphyxiation;
He´d been masturbating...
our little stiff still has one on
and it´s been one week!

The resurrection men
took their sweet time
Cross-dressed fruit:
what a way to die!
Now he´s ours:
the apple of our eve;

Fetch the dead sphincter:
cold green meat
How did his ass taste?
Tender and sweet...

And then we fucked it...
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