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Caramel city

par Danko Jones
Washington D.C. is pretty but it ain´t my city
I need a town here where I can get down
I follow traces of faces of people baby
and when they get it on the world turns brown
In my town you can walk around at night
Go anywhere with anyone you like
Don´t like to leave I´d rather hang around
I love it when the world comes to my town


The younger you feel the more it feels right
crossover genes in the middle of the night
I thought a little color hurt, but I was wrong baby, dead wrong

So I´m calling all white people, Black people,
Asians, Hispanics, Natives everybody
I´m gonna scream at the top of my lungs
Caramel city is where I come from


It don´t get better when you run and hide
I like it when the world collide
I wanna do it baby, do it like we do it every night
I´m sick and tired of being friends
I want to melt in pots and make aments
The first kiss means the party is about to begin

Washingto D.C. is pretty...
I need love from everyone around
So I´m calling all white people, Black people....
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