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par Deftones
I´ll never be the same, breaking decency
Don´t be tree trunk, don´t fall on my living roots
I´ve been humming too many words, got a weak self esteem
That´s been stomped away from every single dream
But there´s something else that brought us peace
Keep it all inside until we feel we can unleash
I think that you made it up, I think that your mind is gone
I think it should be glorified, now your wrong

Suck [12x] they fuck with my head
Suck [10x] suck it you pig

You and me are here alone face flat along the edge of the glass
Well I´m not here to preach, I´m just sick of thugs
My parents made me strong to lift up that glass
So why should I try, act like I´m a little pissed off
With all that shit that needs to stay back in the shelf
Because your fuck ass made it up, your fucking mind is gone
Shoud´ve never glorified, now your right

Suck [12x] they fuck with my head
Suck [10x] suck it you pig

Shut up you don´t know me, shut up you don´t know me
Squeal like a pig when you big fuckin, big fuckin, ape!!
Well I´ll tell you about my false dad,
What´s coming back jack, Well dirtbag
Curse for in their words
Whether not your fucking hurt
I´m making no sense, what´s coming as I jump in ya
I think I´m something naughty or most anybody
So thinking of me by now but you go grab it
And I can´t think for who I am this shit
I belong where they be, ´cause we can not give back those lives
We exist to cease - understand
That god hates blacks shades and all the players
Mr. P.I.G could I fuckin see
Sure already done crushed all of my brothers dignity
And to the jury can´t be no turnerson my skin this color
Does that mean I´m burned
Cause your fuck ass made it up, your fuckin mind was gone
Should´ve never glorified, wrong!

Suck! [12x] they fuck with my head
Suck! [10x] suck it you pig
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