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One world

par Dire Straits
Can´t find no sleeves for my records
Can´t get no laces for my shoes
Can´t get no fancy notes
On my blue guitar
Can´t get no antidote for blues

Can´t find the reasons for your actions
Or I don´t much like the reasoning you use
Somehow your motives are impure
Or somehow I can´t find the cure
Can´t find no antidote for blues

They say it´s mostly vanity
That writes the plays we act
They tell me that´s what everybody knows
There´s no such thing as sanity
And that´s the sanest fact
That´s the way the story goes

Can´t get no remedy on my TV
There´s nothing but the same old news
They can´t find a way to be
One world in harmony
Can´t get no antidote for blues
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