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No name #4

par Elliott Smith
For a change she got out before he hurt her bad
Took her records and clothes and pictures of her boy
It really made her sad
Packed it up and didn´t look back
I´m okay, let´s just forget all about it
The car was cold and it smelled like old cigarettes and pine
In her bag i saw things she drew when she was nine
Like this one here
Her alone, nobody near
What a shame, let´s just not talk about it
No, it doesn´t look like you
But you did wear cowboy boots, that´s your fame
There´s no question about it
Once we got back inside
With one ear to the ground
I was ready to hide
Cos I don´t know who´s around
And you look scared
It´s our secret, do not tell, okay?
Let´s just not talk about it
Don´t tell, okay?
Let´s just forget all about it
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