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par Elliott Smith
Haven´t laughed this hard in a long time
I better stop now before I start crying
Go off to sleep in the sunshine
I don´t want to see the day when it´s dying

She´s a sight to see, she´s good to me
I´m already somebody´s baby
She´s a pretty thing and she knows everything
But I´m already somebody´s baby

You don´t deserve to be lonely
But those drugs you got won´t make you feel better
Pretty soon you´ll find it´s the only
Little part of your life you´re keeping together

I´m nice to you, I could make it through
That you´re already somebody´s baby
I could make you smile if you stayed a while
But how long will you stay with me baby

Because your candle burns too bright
Well, I almost forgot it was twilight
Even if I think that you are right
Well, I´m tired of being down, I got no fight

You´re wonderful, when it´s beautiful
But I´m already somebody´s baby
And if I went with you I´d disappoint you too
Well, I´m already somebody´s baby
Already somebody´s baby
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