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Whipping boy

par Elton John
You´re cruel, you do
You do, you do me wrong
You hurt me, you flirt with
Any old face that comes along

But I won´t be your whipping boy
No I won´t be your whipping boy
Break me like a little toy
Run me till my feet are sore
But I won´t be your whipping boy

You´re wild, you´re sly
What you done to me
I was thirty, I look like fifty
But I feel like sixty three

It´s this illegal kind of loving
That keeps my motor running
From the start to the finish line
It´s a trashy kind of me that likes to believe
That I´m still trying, I´m still trying
I´m still trying, yes I´m trying

You´re dirty, but you´re worth it
But you´re way, you´re way too young
I could do time if they found out
Look out, San Quentin here I come
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