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Yellow river

par Elton John
So long, boy you can take my place
I´ve got my papers, I´ve got my pay
So pack my bags and I´ll be on my way
To Yellow River

Put my gun down, the war is won
Fill my glass high, the time has come
I´m going back to the place that I love
Yellow River

Yellow River
Yellow River is in my mind and in my eyes
Yellow River
Yellow River is in my blood, it´s the place I love

Got no time for explanations
Got no time to lose
Tomorrow night you´ll find me sleeping underneath the moon
At Yellow River

Cannon fire lingers in my mind
I´m so glad that I´m still alive
And I´ve been gone for such a long time
From Yellow River

I remember the nights were cool
I can still see the water pool
And I remember the girl that I knew
From Yellow River
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