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Anything you need

par Faith Evans
1 - I´m so glad that you came and found me
Don´t have to cry cuz it´s all right
I´m so glad that you came and found me
Anything you need, you know I´ll be much obliged

The time has come to let you know
Just what I´m feeling
I´m feeling in my soul
I never wanted no, to fall so deep for you
But now you´ve got me completely in love
But if you wanna know

If you wanna now then I will have to show you
What I´m feeling in my heart
Never be afraid you can count on me
Cuz I´ll protect you
I´ll respect you
I´ll always be around

Repeat 1

Please don´t be alarmed by my hesitation
To notice your charm
I wasn´t too optimistic about it at first
But now I´m so, so very glad

Repeat 1

People say that love can be unkind
It can tear your heart to pieces
And shake you up inside
But I don´t worry about tomorrow
Cuz I believe in the power of love
Break it down

Ad lib

Thinking about you
Can´t live without you
Anything that you need
Baby, you can count on me

Repeat above until fade
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