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We want war

par Ferre Grignard
We want war

Lordy, Lordy with your bloody ways.
Send down the bomb at us ´till the earth she sways.
Send down the friggin´ pest,
For men we will not rest.
We want another war.
Somethin´to figtin´for.

We´ll fight segregation, we´ll fight the black.
We´ll fight the yellow race, the reds and then back.
We want to hold a gun and shoot.
That´s why we were born.
And we want the bomb to boot,
Or mankind is forlorn

So give us war! war! war! like it ever was before.
We´ll fight the viets,
We´ll fight the vietnicks too.
We´ll fight anybody,
That´s what we´re livin´for.
We will creep upon them in the middle of night.
And all we got to do is
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