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In honour of reason

par Fleshgod Apocalypse
Enslaved with deceit by the vile spread
Idolatry to nothing
No redemption for men who cowards serve
Forsaken by those fathers that push them to be

Killed by god they pray
Stead of their superstition
Where´s the god they wait
Caged by faith their salvation

Where´s the holy word carved in their flesh
No common destiny or eternity to reach by a divine plan
Find the salvation denying your religion get rid of the false

I have destroyed every lie inside my mind
Free from deceit ´cause Reason is my god
Rot in the swamp of untruth that we call faith
Covered by mud, drowned in their vanity
Crippled by the holy words of lethal false beliefs, die

Confined in untruth by corrupted priests
Imprisoned in ignorance
With deception they stroke ingenuous minds
Nailed down by those liars, hang up golden cross

Rise, in honour of Reason
There is no lie that can´t be destroyed with the intellect
Rise, slaughter the preachers
Betrayers that deserve to die, to die, to....

I spit out the muck that haunt my mind
Ill-mighty declined with shame

Rise, deny the preachers word and
Rise, destroy the kingdom of the lie
Abandon your credos tear the bias gloomy fakes
Find the salvation denying your religion get rid of the false
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