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Us of a lesser god

par Flogging Molly
There´s a breeze that´s blowin´ in from the land
Instead of salt air all we breathe in is sand
Crippled the cloud that once brought the rain
Good job now we´ll never see our coasts again

But those of us, those of us
Us of lesser gods
Won´t eat till we´re hungry
Won´t drink till we´re parched
But those of us, those of us
Who forget where we´re from
Create now this hell where no devil could spawn
Take me back, take me back
To the way life used to be

A whisper´s now sayin´
What words used to speak
Starve must the child, hungry sex on TV
For no act of contrition
Will pardon the soul
The damage nos glistens
See how it glows

{au Refrain}

Yesterday is better than it is today
And today will be better than tomorrow they say
We don´t want what you know
But we know what we want
That´s live and let live
We´re all different that counts

{au Refrain}

Dark is the shallow man
Proud without pride
Worn out comes the welcome
From a truth that never lies
Weep now for the tear
Cold on the face
So come down from your heaven lord
Let me show you hell on earth
Take me back
To the way life´s never been
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