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Feel like home

par Fort Minor
These days are dark and the nights are cold
People acting like they lost their soul
And everywhere I go I see another person like me
Trying to make it all feel like home

Standing on the bridge in teh dark and I´m seeing my breath
Trying to make it home without freezing to death
And my grandfather´s face is
stuck in my mind mind and how
Seeing him tonight´s gonna be the last time I should´ve brought a jacket
Blowing in my hands like it´s really gonna stop the chill
I buy a cup of coffee with a five dollar bill
Laying in that box people look so still
At times like these you start thinking
Your first breath in and the clock starts ticking
I´m not trying to bum anyone out
Not trying to be dramatic
just thinking out loud
I´m just trying to make some sense in my mind
Some defense from the cold that I´m feeling outside and for a minute
Escape with some rhythm and rhyme and
Get away from the grey
Just a bit at a time

Kinda funny how this world can treat you
Like a freak in a sideshow
a carnival creature
Climbing outta cans
I´m a diamond in the sand
But you cant tell the difference on a beach full of rhinestones
My life´s like trying to swallow a pinecone
It´s tough when you live fast
just to die slow
Talk to dial tones
my dreams are far-fetched
It seems
so I sleep underneath this park bench
I know it don´t make sense
And I don´t expect you to know what it´s like
sniffing everything in my sight
Push rocks in a pipe
I keep puffin ´til my lips turn white
And my chest gets tight
But who the fuck really cares
when you´re
So far left behind that even death looks right
All I can do is hope for teh best and pray
That it gets a little better than yesterday

Pardon me
I think I´m nect to url
Too many problems going on
that´s why i left my girl
Packed my bags and traveled with a pen and a notepad
Pissed that i was broke and all the things that I dont have
But still
I try toi find a way to escape
From all teh hate planted in my head which lead to mistakes
But now I´m breaking the mold
see I was patient and calm
Many sleep in the rain
but I´m awake in the storm
Writing my life in a short film
The Rise and Fall
How I managed to scorch hills
and climb the walls
Pound pavement
aimless in the cold existence
Even thought thangs are changing
I´m going the distance
Overcoming the doubt that had controlled for so long
And put it all behind me
´cause life still goes on
Now I´m much stronger and know where I stand
While lost souls search over and over again

These days are dark and the nights are cold
People acting like they lost their soul
And everybody´s trying not to cry
trying to get by
And trying not to feel out of control
And if you look hard enough
Sometimes you´ll find a place that might just remind you of home
But if it doesn´t feel like home
You can do what I do
Just pretend you don´t feel so alone
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