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Once we were arnachists

par Frank Turner
The demonstrations got boring –
Well it was obvious that the government was ignoring us.
It´s hard to drag yourself through empty streets
On an empty stomach and no sleep.
The shortcomings got clearer,
As the price we paid got dearer and dearer.
It´s supposed to be a case of give and take –
Well I was feeling the give and making a mistake.

And I´ve heard it said that the unexamined life
Isn´t much worth living, and I´m sure they´re right.
But it´s hard to keep on fighting the good fight
When no one else seems bothered, yeah,
When no one´s on your side.

I´ve got friends who are bankers,
And it´s an easy rhyme to call them wankers,
But I must say I envy the way that they live
In a style that´s all take and no give,
While I´m playing the Lone Ranger,
Riding to the rescue of six billion strangers,
Armed with only unoriginal songs
And a sense that something´s wrong.

And I must admit that I´m tired of saying “no” all the time.
But I must admit that I don´t really know what would be right.
And if politics is helping all the people then my political career is pretty fucked,
Because the truth is I don´t like people all that much.

The times they aren´t a-changing –
Yeah, England´s still shit and it´s still raining,
And everybody´s jaded and tired and bored
And no one lifts a finger because
It´s just not in our culture.
Our culture is carrion and we´re all vultures,
And no one seems bothered by this state of play –
It seems that the stench is with us to stay.

So I had a go, I tried examining life.
It wasn´t much worth living – I guess they´re right.
And I´m tired of fighting a fight that´s not my fight.
But so is everybody else – we´re all on the same side.

I´m young enough to be all pissed off
But I´m old enough to be jaded.
I´m of the age where I want things to change
But with age my hopes have faded.
I´m young and bored of being young and bored –
If I was old I could say I´d seen it all before.
In short, I´m tired, and in short I´m probably fired.
If the revolution doesn´t want me I don´t give a shit.
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