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Let it go

par Gavin DeGraw
I can´t live without you
Set my goals around you
Takes a little extra time
But it all works out

You´re a shining ember
I´ll be shining armor
Just look up into my eyes
I won´t let you down

And I´ll always be here
Yes, I´ll always be here

Let it go
Settle into me
Let it go
Let it all go

Except for me
I´m the one you found
Just hold on
Hold onto me now

Why don´t we play hooky?
We could both get lucky
Better to get lucky than to go to work today

We don´t have to shower
You won´t wait in traffic
Take our daily panic and we´ll put it all away

And we´ll always be near
We should always be near


Don´t you know you´re the one for me
After all, anyone can see
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