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It wasn't enough

par Good Charlotte
It wasn´t enough {x3}

I will try to believe in the things I cannot see
But my faith is shaking now like it´s never been before
When I call
And you don´t come
I don´t know what I should do
Should I call?
Should I even count on you?

I´m giving all I can
It wasn´t enough
To keep you in my hands
Should I give up?
I try to understand
Was it ever enough?
I don´t understand

So here I am once again
With my back against the wall
Afraid to show you
Afraid to tell you
I don´t know you like I did
I´ve never been so alone
I´ve never felt so insecure
And now I don´t know where I´m going
In my life I´m not so sure

{au Refrain}

Giving up tonight
I won´t let go
Won´t let go of you
Giving up tonight
I wanna show you
Wanna show you

Am I giving up?
Giving up

I don´t wanna give this up
I won´t

{au Refrain}

Everything you want from me
I fought so hard for everything
Everything you want from me
I tried so hard could never be
Anything you want from me
Anything you want from me
I gave it all
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