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Get away

par Grave Digger
Not there days ago
In a place no one knows
Someone took the life of the man
Who killed my wife
She´d been forced by a gang
I swore that all would hang
Now their leader´s dead
It was me who took his head
Tonight I´m on the run
But I won´t rest ´til it´s done
On and on I´ll flee
´cause I know they´re out for me
I can´t sleep tonight
I´m ready for a fight
Now it´s first degree
And the cops are hunting me
Get away
Tonight I´ll get away
Get away
Tonight I´ll break away
Get away
Tonight I´ll far away
Get away
No one will catch me
Don´t give up, it has to be
Such a long night
But I know it´s me who´s right
Surely I´ll escape
All the time I´ll stay awake
A knife in my fist
I have got to take the risk
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