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Feel jah

par Groundation
They want to live, and to come
All your courage, they want to feel
Some of them want to cry, they want the answers
Just before them sigh

Oh but, some of them a realize yeah,
Some a dem know life yeah,
Some a them feel life yeah,
Some of them know life yeah,
Work as long as them live,
Live just as long as them love
Love if they were to remember
Would be the first spark, glow, life

But they shine away love Jah, as they shine away God
And they shine away fear, Lord, as them shy a way call

Calling all the answer, calling all the answer, sastra
The answers ancestral, the answers in wo-o-o-oh

All a dem haffe live, all a dem haffe cry
All a dem haffe know, all dem haffe suffer dem
All a dem have to live, all a dem haffe suffer dem
All a dem haffe cry, all of dem live Jah

As long as them live Jah, as long as them care for them
As long as they love Jah, I&I a friend to them who go

As long as them cultural, as long as them spiritual
As long as dem physical,
In a world of new man media…

If they were to know, what they could never give Jah
Their lives I´m sure today,
They have come to oppress yeah
See as them see, and if you knew what they know
Your feelings in your heart would change
As I´m sure they must wear

Oh I´m sure they must wear
Sure they must wear
Sure they must wear

But we´re under heavy weather
Some of them under heavy manners
Oh all of de man shooters, they think they carrying
The answer

Believe it if you would I, want them to see them
And if you would I, want them to know them
For they spear the eyes at Goshen
And they back the ancient leaving
And they hail their life of thunder
Just as we´ll break their bonds some day

Following them into the heart of the ancient throne
Into the heart of the ancient goal, into the heart
Some a, some a, some a, some dem still
Feel Jah, they will know

As long as they love, they will know
Feel Jah yeah
Some of them still feel Jah yeah
All of them feel Jah yeah
Yeah, yeah
Feel Jah
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