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par Groundation
Hello dear people what are you waiting for yea? Move
Yourself now and get out of door
So you say this is a price for peace
Weeping and wailing oh God, and mashing of teeth if I
were to fly, High, upon a wing of a dove now yea will
You come join me and sail away the day?
We would see Jah fallen of the wicked man
Leaving only righteousness to stand
Rock solid pon the land

And If I were to leave tomorow
Would that make you stronger for today?
If I were to bend down on my knees and pray
Would that make you say,
"He´s no longer a gifted soul
No he´s no longer a warrior,
He doesn´t care about the flock, no
He doesn´t even care who gets burned"
Well I´m a gonna tell you something...

Only goal, Lock I in poverty
Or to keep us down I know inna general penitentiary
Education is no where to be found
So when they jump in the water They will surely drown

If I yea, If I could I would
If I had, If I could You know I would fly away
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