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We free again

par Groundation
Looks like the clouds of rain
Is coming from the west I´m sure
From the west I´m sure

They come, higher than the mountainside
With illusions, faster than the wind them fly
Them covet thy laws of Zion
Treating them like a slave and soldier man

Beatin´, beatin´ them in London
Tougher, tougher than the mountain
Beatin´, beatin´ them in London
Sold them soul for profit

We must confront them, chanting for Zion
Braving wind and shelter, is the Lion
Braver than the Breda Dungeon
Live in the east I´m sure
Braver than a Che in a London
The man a Cultural

I pray dem, I hope dem do good
Oh I´ll never be afraid of them
The man a bring them, no good,
Bad thing use to do onto I&I, and I&I

I hope Jah, enter dem soul
I soul remember dem
Love to them, love to them
Who desire disfigure forests
De man a forest, Lord dem a forest
Oh dem forest

For them, I pray longer day who know Jah
Wow to dem, whose problems, unto them fear Lord
Wailing God, look at them wailing God,
Look at they wailing God, wail, wail, wail

Dem a never, never know Jah…Beat drum of thunder
Dem a never, never know Jah glory on-ya
Oh dem calling, unto the ites them building
Sole a man a country dem haffe have (2x)
We free again, we free again
We free again, we free again

With eyes open, underneath the guardian yeah
Armed with Jah, we´ll build up a foreign country

I live up inna I-shed, want to come a broken
Leave all dem country, unto dem man soldier

And if they should remember
Let them na squander Jah the ruler

Wo-uh-wo Jah relieve dem soul
Wo-uh-wo Jah relieve dem soul yeah

In the night, them come, run and tell the prophet
All the people, shall go, under cloak of darkness
Dem a fool, a de man child, in the light de right hand
Dem a gwan, for the lamb,
For seven years the lion come

Until dem rule dem criticize Jah
Until dem rule dem criticize (2x)
They will hypnotize, mesmerize,
Murder lies, burglarize,
For them scriptures, yes

I saw the mountain, I saw the sea
I saw the chariot awaiting the meek
I saw the mountain, I saw the sea
Ask them who rule dem

Jah rule all dem
Jah rule all dem, yeah
Jah rule all dem (2x)

Jah relieve them soul yes, do you hear? Ay!
Jah relieve them soul…children
Jah relieve dem soul
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