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We're gonna make it

par Hammerfall
We´ll make it

Been fighting for so long don´t know which way up is
Been stuck and ripped and burnt till it feels like nothin´
Our time will come and when it´s over and it´s done
Those fools are gonna know that we ain´t bluffin´

We´re gonna make it
We´ll reach the top
We´re gonna make it
And then we´re never gonna stop

The power of the people ain´t been showin´
It´s never what you know, it´s who you´re knowin´
Sure it ain´t right but as the saying goes it´s might
That decides who stays behind and who´ll be goin´

[Repeat Chorus]

[Repeat Chorus]

Alright, alright, we´re gonna make it
Come on, boys, come on, boys
Ain´t gonna stop until we drop
Oh, oh
Let it rock, let it roll
Ha ha ha ha ha ha
Here we go, baby
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