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Return my love.

par Haz Bieber
From the way that your hair
Falls perfectly,
The morning after your tour,
To the way you smile so beautifully,
It´s like my medecine,
My cure
And I can´t see no ´´imperfections´´
Scattered across your face,
You´re the one thath means that most to me,
And you could never be replaced

Whenever I´m down,
I just think of you
And then I smile,
Even though it´s hard to do,
Cause you are like a tattoo on my heart,
Wich means I´ll never forget you, cause...

When you sing,
Baby suddenly,
All my tears,
They get washed away,
And all of my sorrows,
They cheer up happily.

But I wish I had a minute to sit you down,
And tell you everything that goes around,
In my head,
I could return the love,
And make you smile instead.

Cause I think we all know how hard life can be,
When you´re famous and you´re always on TV.
All the stress and the emotions,
All the cameras saying ´´smile for me?´´
With the media and their false accusations,
Following you around to every destination.

But I´ll make promise,
Just for you,
To always be by your side,
When the worst comes to worst,
Somehow I´ll help you see it through,
Cause I just wanna...

Return my love for you,
Return my love and give it back to you,
Return my love for you,
Return my love and give it back to you.
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